How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield


Are you going to get a windshield replacement? Here are some tips to take proper care of the new installation. The windshield is a crucial safety component in a car. The unique, scientific design of these auto glasses offers protection to the occupants as well as supports the structural integrity of the vehicle. That [...]

How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield2021-10-20T19:11:47+00:00

New Replacement Windshield


Does your car need a new replacement windshield?Normally the lifespan of an auto windshield is the lifetime of your vehicle. In some instances, this isn’t true. Here are a few common things to look out for that tell you it’s time to get your windshield replaced. If you notice any of these issues with your [...]

New Replacement Windshield2021-01-23T17:13:01+00:00
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